• Is your child smart, but still can't read?

  • Is your child developmentally ready for school?

  • Are you child's attention problems affecting his learning?

  • Do you wonder if your child may have a learning disability?

Most difficulties in reading and spelling are caused by dyslexia, and can be detected as early as Kindergarten.
Discover a drug free way to dramatically improve attention, memory and confidence in your child in just 15 weeks.
Excess fidgeting, poor handwriting and lack of motor coordination can get in the way of easy, comfortable learning.
Research supports our interactive, multi-sensory approach to reading as the best way to become a fluent reader.
June 24, 2015

Whenever I talk about my job in the community, when I say I help students with Dyslexia the first thing I hear is, “Dyslexia, isn´t that reading words backwards?”  No really but gaining a true understanding of it takes a little more than a sentence summary. Diving into to all the information and the latest…

June 9, 2015

Should My Child Work on School Skills Over the Summer or Take a Break? By Mark Griffin My child has reading and math issues, and she’s worked really hard this year to make progress in these areas. Is it important for her to keep working on these skills over the summer? Or is it better…

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