• Is your child smart, but still can't read?

  • Is your child developmentally ready for school?

  • Are you child's attention problems affecting his learning?

  • Do you wonder if your child may have a learning disability?

Most difficulties in reading and spelling are caused by dyslexia, and can be detected as early as Kindergarten.
Discover a drug free way to dramatically improve attention, memory and confidence in your child in just 15 weeks.
Excess fidgeting, poor handwriting and lack of motor coordination can get in the way of easy, comfortable learning.
Research supports our interactive, multi-sensory approach to reading as the best way to become a fluent reader.
February 24, 2014

How would you like to know about a tool to help your ADHD child without all the nagging and stress?  As a parent, one of your worse nightmares is getting in a time crunch and asking your child to do something only to being ignored or argued with. Here is a simple technique that helps…

January 29, 2014

Time Management for Students with Learning Challenges A New Year brings all the normal day to day tasks and responsibilities. For those of you who have added new tasks or activities based on your goals for the New Year, time is often in short supply. Time management is a challenge for everyone, but for those with learning…