Our Learning Programs

Research based, clinically proven programs delivered by experienced and caring professionals

Our expertise is in eliminating the pain of your smart child being labeled as slow or lazy. Our 1-on-1 learning programs use advanced, research-based strategies that teachers don’t know and schools can’t teach. We’ve done this with thousands of students for over 40 years. We can help your child where nobody else has.


“How can you help me fix this problem?”

We have found that by knowing a little more about your child, your challenges and priorities, we can work together to help him or her become a confident, independent learner.

Parents are not often aware of underlying issues that can manifest themselves in behaviors that make it seem your child is lazy or unmotivated. These unnoticed issues build up until a student has a difficult time coping or accommodating.

Many smart, creative and highly successful adults had difficulty in school. They were able to “get by” just by participating in class, working twice as hard as everyone else and spending hours and hours with a tutor. While there are many famous examples of successful people who grew up with a learning difficulty, most students end up dropping out of school and considering themselves failures.

Students like your child are usually gifted in areas that other children are not. Unfortunately, schools focus mostly on reading, writing, test taking and memorization. For many struggling students, these areas are the most challenging.

To allow us to better understand your child, and tailor our efforts to meet your specific needs, we will work with you to select one of the options below that best fits your child’s areas of difficulty.

Understanding your child and the underlying areas that are holding him or her back is the first step to achieving real success. To learn more about why your smart child is struggling, and what solutions are available for your family, attend our FREE Parent Information Seminar and get your questions answered.