Sensory Processing

Integrate the senses, improve attention, coordination and body control through movement

Our expertise is in eliminating the pain of your smart child being labeled as slow or lazy. Our 1-on-1 programs use advanced, research-based strategies that teachers don’t know and schools can’t teach. We’ve done this with thousands of students for over 40 years. We can help your child where nobody else has.


Sensory Processing Skills

“Mounting evidence shows that movement is crucial to every other brain function, including memory, emotion, language and learning. Our ‘higher’ brain functions have evolved from movement and still depend on it.” -John Ratey, M.D. from “A User’s Guide to the Brain” Learning involves thinking, comparing, evaluating, planning, visualizing, adjusting, and ultimately finding the most effective ways to do things. Mental flexibility is crucial in this process.
Children with learning and attention challenges are often very inflexible. They are disrupted by any change in routine. They have only one way of doing things because they do not have the physical and mental flexibility to feel secure trying something in a different way. The mentaladaptability needed for ease in learning, social relationships, and general functions begins at the core learning skills level.


The Core Learning Skills Training

We work toward the improvement of this core learning skills level with our Core Learning Skills Training program, which takes approximately 20 weeks. Based on assessment information, two to three 30-60 minute sessions per week in the center will be prescribed, with two to three 30-minute practice sessions at home. Core Learning Skills Training involves a series of exercises to help make neurological connections in the brain that are critical to comfortable learning and functioning.
These are connections that should have occurred early in development but did not fully develop. Infants have reflex movement patterns that are critical to their survival, but which disappear in infancy or early childhood as the brain becomes more organized and higher levels of the brain take over.
The Core Learning Skills Training activities help integrate primitive survival reflexes and improve interpretation of sensory input, body and attention awareness and control, and learning efficiency.


Reflex Training

Reflex Training is about training new neuro-patterns in the brain in order to remove some of the neurological interference to efficient learning and functioning. The goal is to bring movements to an automatic level so they can be executed with little effort. Because every child is different, our clinically tested programs are customized for the individual student’s needs. Sessions are delivered by experienced, degreed specialists in a fun and caring 1-on-1 environment.


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