Our Process

3 Steps to Improve Weak Processing Skills

School and social success depend upon a strong foundation of cognitive processing skills.  Weaknesses or uneven development in one or more of these areas can cause difficulties with efficient learning.

These processing skills are:

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Processing Speed
  • Auditory and language processing
  • Phonemic awareness


  • Visual processing
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Internal timing and organization
  • Motor coordination and sensory integration
  • Executive function

Step 1) Identify strengths and weaknesses in processing skills through parent input and testing

Our process begins when you attend our Free Parent Seminar  or Consultation to help us get to know you and your child’s needs, and allow you to get your questions answered.   Once we have a good picture of your child’s specific challenges, we do a Cognitive Processing Skills Evaluation or a Dyslexia Evaluation to look closely at the underlying cause of your child’s learning challenges.  This will give us a clear picture of your child’s strengths and challenges that may be interfering with learning.  We can also review any previous testing that has been administerd elsewhere to help us recommend a plan of action.
After the evaluation, we design a report with test results and recommendations for interventions and accommodations.  We’re not fans of technical jargon that is hard to understand, so our reports are written with you, the parent, in mind.  We want you to understand everything and to be able to explain our process to your child’s teachers, doctors and anyone else that can help your child.  Within a week of the evaluation, we will schedule a follow-up consultation to review the report in detail and answer any questions that you have regarding our testing.



Step 2) Specifically and intensively train the weak areas to make learning more efficient

During Step 1 we identify the problem, and Step 2 is when we fix the problem. Learning Foundations uses research based, clinically tested processing skills programs that are customized for the individual student’s needs.   After designing a customized program, our primary work is done at our center in a fun and caring 1-on-1 environment with an experienced specialist . 

Our students work with the same trainer throughout their program, and develop a special relationship of trust that helps builds their confidence and self-esteem.

All of our trainers have extensive experience working with children and teens with learning challenges, and hold Bachelors or Masters degrees in their fields.  We pair up students and trainers based on complementary personalities to make sure they are the right fit for each other.

Daily instruction is critical to the process, and in order to reduce program costs, we often partner with parents to provide this high frequency of instruction. We consider parents our teaching partners, providing both instruction and materials to support them.


Step 3) Monitor success through re-evaluation and parent feedback

Each program has a start and an end date, and every student is re-evaluated when they finish a program.  We compare Pre and Post test data to show you how much your child has progressed as a result of our training programs.  After reviewing the results we provide recommendations for further training programs and exercises to follow up at home.

We are completely driven by your feedback and results, and our evaluation and re-evaluation process is part of what keeps us accountable to you.  We know that this kind of educational training is a real investment of time and finances.  We also know it is a life-changing investment in your child’s future, and you can trust that we will be fully dedicated to your child’s success.

Since 1969, we have worked with hundreds of students of all ages who have challenges with reading, spelling, writing, comprehension, math, organization and study skills, attention and focus, listening, language and communication.  Our goal is for each of our students to become a confident, independent learner and develop their full potential.

Call us at (210) 495-2626 or join us at our Free Parent Seminar to get started.  We would love for your child to be another one of the many success stories in the Learning Foundations family.