Free Parent Seminar

Is your smart child struggling with:

  • Reading, Writing and Spelling?
  • Attention, Focus and Hyperactivity?
  • Body Awareness and Control?
  • Spending Hours and Hours on Homework?
  • School Anxiety?
  • Performing Below Expected Levels?

If any of these describe your child or teen, our Parent Information Seminar is for you. These kinds of struggles can look like laziness or lack of motivation, but they almost never are. They also don’t tend to go away with time, maturity, better teachers, or traditional tutoring. But they CAN go away. Let us help you see what’s possible and how.

Join us for a Parent Information Meeting and learn:

  1. What is making it so difficult for your child to keep up with the rest of his classmates
  2. How minor or serious learning and attention challenges can be permanently corrected
  3. How Learning Foundations is different than traditional tutoring or help at school
  4. What YOU can do to get your child started on the road to success

Come to our Free Parent Seminar and Save $100 on a Cognitive Skills or Dyslexia Evaluation!

JOIN US and other parents who are ready to end their children’s pain, frustration and embarrassment of living with learning challenges.

Parent Seminars are on Mondays at 6:30 p.m at our San Antonio location

Seating is limited, so please call to RSVP or fill out the form below.

We will provide you with a FREE copy of childhood development expert Jill Stowell’s new book “At Wit’s End: A Parent’s Guide to Ending the Struggle, Tears and Turmoil of Learning Disabilities” to help you get started on the path to understanding and fixing your child’s difficulties.

RSVP by filling out our below contact form. OR give us a call at (210) 495-2626 to tell us about your child.