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Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for requesting your Free Resource Guide, “7 Guiding Principles for Parents and Educators with Smart but Struggling Children.”  Having a child with learning and attention challenges can be frustrating for everyone in the family. In this booklet, we will take you by the hand through more than 43 years of educational experience with smart, but struggling students. We know it can feel very lonely out there not knowing what the problem is or how to fix it.  For parents and teachers whose kids are doing just fine, it’s hard to really “get it”. This is why we want to share…


The 7 Guiding Principles for Parents and Educators with Smart, but Struggling Children.


  1. Attention problems are often a symptom, not the cause.
  2. “Try harder” is a dirty term, and should be avoided like the plague.
  3. Respect the effort.  Trust me, they are trying really hard!
  4. Coping is NOT the final answer.  Accommodations can often be a crutch.
  5. Look at the whole child.  They are more than just a label.
  6. Underlying processing skills MUST be addressed in order to make lasting changes.
  7. The brain can change.  Your child can be trained to learn more efficiently.


These have been our guiding principles for over 45 years.  They have helped us turn thousands of frustrated children into confident and successful learners.  They can help you become a strong advocate for your child. Please fill out the  contact form on the right side of this page to receive your FREE Copy of our “7 Guiding Principles for Parents and Educators with Smart but Struggling Children.” Also, don’t forget to visit, for Free Weekly Homework Tips, or RSVP for a Parent Seminar “Why Smart Kids Struggle in School” by visiting

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