• Learning Foundations Boy Reading


    “I would recommend program to anyone who needs an alternative learning experience. In a nutshell - my son came back to me" - Dusty’s Mom.

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  • Learning Foundations Boy Reading

    Cognitive Skills Training

    Learning Foundations' Cognitive Skills Training is about exercising the brain to think faster and learn easier. Movement and visual skills activities integrate the senses, improve body and attention control, spatial orientation, and internal timing.

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  • Learning Foundations Boy Reading


    Learning Foundation understands that dyslexia comes with many challenges as well as many gifts. Learning Foundations can teach your child is in a way that plays to his or her strengths so they understand they are highly capable and talented in many areas.

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  • Learning Foundations Boy Reading


    Join Learning Foundations and other parents who are ready to end their children’s pain, frustration and embarrassment of living with learning challenges. Save $100 on our comprehensive evaluation by attending our Free Parent Seminar or Live Webinars!

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Learning Foundations

Is Your Bright Child Struggling?

At Learning Foundations we have programs that help. We focus on proven techniques that help your child get past their learning challenges and move on to flourish at school.

Our 1- on- 1 cognitive programs use advanced, research based strategies that are individualized to the students needs.

Over the last 48 years, our techniques have helped students with learning difficulties. Learning Foundations empowers children by building their cognitive skills and turning them into confident, independent learners.

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Dyslexia comes with many challenges as well as many gifts or super powers. At Learning Foundations, we know it is important that your child be taught how to utilize his or her strengths and understand that they are highly capable and talented in many areas.

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By re-teaching the brain through specialized training, your child can improve their sustained, selective, and divided attention in 15 weeks or less. Because every child is different, Learning Foundations clinically tested programs are customized to meet the individual student’s needs. Give your child the tools needed to be successful.

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Sensory Processing Issues

Excess fidgeting, poor handwriting, and lack of motor coordination can get in the way of easy, comfortable learning. Learning Foundations evaluates each child to determine their individual needs and develops custom learning plans based on the results.

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Cognitive Skills Training

Foundational learning skills can be developed to help struggling students solve learning challenges in all content areas. Learning Foundations approach is based on the Learning Skills Continuum in which skills are developed from the most basic to the most complex in order to truly empower students to solve problems on their own.

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Learning Foundations helps kids with:

Success Stories

  • I will and have recommended Learning Foundations to friends at work. My son Jeremy has a new attitude about responsibility and his grades. He has more confidence when he is in class. So much, in fact, that he feels he no longer needs me to help him with his studies.
    - Mary A.
  • Learning Foundations has taught my son Kevin how to spell, read and write. When he comes here, he gets so excited to learn. He will actually pick up a book and read it now. That is amazing!
    - Bridget R.
  • Every time our daughter Crystal came out of her sessions, she seemed to be oozing with confidence. Kind of like “I’m smart and I know I’m smart.” That is something we’re not used to seeing. She also does an awful lot of reading on her own now.
    - George F.
  • We would highly recommend our friends to this program because it has made our relationship with Jonathan much happier and easier when it comes to school.
    - Debra A.
  • Learning Foundations has truly helped my child in many areas. He has learned how to focus and concentrate better. He now understands not only why it is important to be focused, but how he can achieve that. I have recommended this program to several parents.
    - Angie O.
  • Fortunately, our trainer Joel warned us that we had to be dedicated by completing our home assignments and not missing appointments. He was very dedicated and accommodated us even on weekends.
    - Greg & Michelle H.

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