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Come to our Free Parent Seminar or one of our Free Live Webinars and learn how to help your child become a sucessful learner!

Join us and other parents who are ready to end their children’s pain, frustration and embarrassment of living with learning challenges.

Parent Seminars are held on select Mondays at 6:30 p.m. at our San Antonio location. To find out when the next Parent Seminar will be held please sign up or call for schedule dates and to RSVP. Seating is limited.

We will provide you with a FREE copy of childhood development expert Jill Stowell’s new book “At Wit’s End: A Parent’s Guide to Ending the Struggle, Tears and Turmoil of Learning Disabilities” to help you get started on the path to understanding and fixing your child’s difficulties.

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Join us for a Free Online Consultation or Free Live Webinar and Q&A with one of our directors to learn more about our ONLINE programs.

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1. Consultation

Our process begins when you attend our Free Information Seminar or Free Consultation, which help us get to know you and your child’s needs and allows you to get your questions answered.

2. Evaluation

After you share your concerns and goals for your child, before any program recommendations are made, we begin with an evaluation to assess your child’s cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses. This initial assessment is vital to our process and is used to guide individualized intervention. A Learning Foundations evaluation is NOT focused on labeling or formal diagnosis, but rather on obtaining a measure of a student’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses in areas such as attention, memory, processing speed, visual and auditory processing and phonological processing. If your child has had testing within the last 12 months it will be reviewed and we will advise if further testing is necessary for us to make a recommendation.

3. Report

After your child is evaluated, you will receive a report with test results and recommendations for interventions and accommodations. We’re not fans of technical jargon, so our reports are written with parents in mind. We want you to understand everything and to be able to explain our process to teachers, doctors and anyone else who works with your child.

Within a week of the evaluation, we will schedule a follow-up consultation to share our customized learning plan and to answer any questions you have regarding our process.

4. Customized Program

After designing a customized program, our primary work is done at our center in a fun and caring 1-on-1 environment with an experienced specialist . Our students will have an assigned lead trainer who will work with them throughout their program.

All of our trainers have extensive experience working with children and teens with learning challenges and hold Bachelors or Masters degrees in their fields. We pair up students and trainers based on complementary personalities to make sure they are the right fit for each other.

5. Student Success And Confidence

Each program has a start and an end date, and every student is re-evaluated when they finish a program. We compare Pre and Post test data to show you how much your child has progressed as a result of our training programs. After reviewing the results, we provide recommendations for further training programs and exercises to follow up at home.

6. Re-Evaluation

We are completely driven by your feedback and results and our evaluation and re-evaluation process is part of what keeps us accountable to you. We know that this kind of educational training is a real investment of time and finances. We also know it is a life-changing investment in your child’s future and you can trust that we will be fully dedicated to your child’s success

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Success Stories

  • I will and have recommended Learning Foundations to friends at work. My son Jeremy has a new attitude about responsibility and his grades. He has more confidence when he is in class. So much, in fact, that he feels he no longer needs me to help him with his studies.
    - Mary A.
  • Learning Foundations has taught my son Kevin how to spell, read and write. When he comes here, he gets so excited to learn. He will actually pick up a book and read it now. That is amazing!
    - Bridget R.
  • Every time our daughter Crystal came out of her sessions, she seemed to be oozing with confidence. Kind of like “I’m smart and I know I’m smart.” That is something we’re not used to seeing. She also does an awful lot of reading on her own now.
    - George F.
  • We would highly recommend our friends to this program because it has made our relationship with Jonathan much happier and easier when it comes to school.
    - Debra A.
  • Learning Foundations has truly helped my child in many areas. He has learned how to focus and concentrate better. He now understands not only why it is important to be focused, but how he can achieve that. I have recommended this program to several parents.
    - Angie O.
  • Fortunately, our trainer Joel warned us that we had to be dedicated by completing our home assignments and not missing appointments. He was very dedicated and accommodated us even on weekends.
    - Greg & Michelle H.

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