Are you homeschooling for the first time? Already homeschooling but looking for specialized assistance?  Would you like to homeschool but need help? Concerned about meeting all your child’s educational needs?

Learning Foundations is here to help you provide the very best education for your child! After years of providing specialized tutoring and cognitive training, we are proud to announce our Homeschool Support Program for elementary and middle school students (kindergarten through 8th grade). Our services include:

  • Academic teaching/intervention delivered in a 1-on-1 or small group setting (no more than 5 students)
  • Online services from the comfort of your home to allow for a more flexible, shorter school day
  • Highly trained, experienced teaching staff who have at least a Bachelor’s degree

Customizable programming to meet your child’s needs in the following subjects:

Multi-sensory, structured curriculum that teaches students to really understand mathematic concepts, not just memorize procedures or sequences of steps. Math computation exercises will be included to help improve speed and automaticity for basic operations. Students will be placed according to their level of mastery rather than by grade.

This program starts with phonemic awareness (the ability to hear and manipulate the smallest units of sound), which is absolutely essential for accurate reading and spelling. It builds on that foundation to attach those sounds to words (phonics), using a truly multisensory method. This program also works on reading fluency and vocabulary as well as comprehension.

The goal is for students to understand the core of the English language, why it works the way it does, why sounds make the sounds they do, and why we spell those sounds as we do using logical spelling rules. Students will learn how to read, decode, and spell phonetically predictable words as well as non-phonetic sight words.


Students will master appropriate capitalization, punctuation, and other grammar rules and concepts.

Older students will received a placement test to ensure they start at the appropriate level.

The topic will be introduced in the other subjects. We will also incorporate the use of our cognitive programs to help students remember facts easier.

Students will be screened prior to their first day to help determine program planning and placement. All of our programs include interactive manipulatives, a writing pad, and a headset with a microphone.

1-on-1 Homeschooling

Our 1-on-1 program provides flexible, individualized instruction that can be adjusted according to the student’s needs and the family’s homeschool schedule.

Group Homeschooling Sessions

Small group sessions are available between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Each subject has a set day and time, and classes are scheduled in 1-hour increments. Students will be placed in specific classes based on screening results and parent input.

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