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Learning Foundations uses the Barton Reading and Spelling System, a Structured Literacy program that is research-based, evidence-based, and modeled on Orton-Gillingham methods which have been determined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) to be “best practices” for teaching dyslexic students. The Barton System is also effective for students who may not be dyslexic but who need a good basic reading program.

What is online training?

Online training is done in a one-on-one setting with a trainer much like an in-person session.

During the session the student can:

  • See and hear the trainer
  • Follow a student workbook through screen share
  • Apply the use of manipulatives (letter tiles)
  • Draw on the screen, write and type as required.

Example of Online Tiles:
Example of Online Tiles

What happens in a lesson? In an online lesson, your child will participate in a variety of activities: The trainer presents new concepts and instruction in using movable, colored letter tiles on the screen The trainer prompts the student who then applies the rules and uses the tiles to read and spell words (research has shown that this is one of the best ways to learn to read) The student applies the rules by reading and spelling words, phrases, and sentences, and by reading short stories which are visible on the screen The trainer provides correction and immediate feedback as the student applies these rules Both the trainer and the student can mark on the screen to highlight areas of difficulty The student and trainer can see and hear each other and interact throughout the lesson, just as if they were sitting side by side.

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Why do students love online training?

  • Students are already used to interacting with computers for fun and enjoyment.
  • The interaction and immediate feedback keep them engaged and focused.
  • Online training interrupts their lives less and takes less time out of their busy day because there is no travel.
  • Students can be tutored in their own home where they feel more comfortable and relaxed.

What do I need to start online training?

Getting set up for online training is quick, easy, and inexpensive. You will need:
  • Computer with Internet access speed that is better than dial up (such as DSL or cable modem)
  • Webcam (inexpensive and easily purchased almost anywhere; often pre-installed on computers)
  • Free screen sharing software that you download in less than a couple of minutes
  • Headset with earphones and microphone (which will be provided by Learning Foundations)
  • Optional: iPad or Android tablet for an even more interactive experience

Why do parents love online training?

  • On-line training is highly effective, and for some students even more effective than traditional in-person training.
  • Students are less tired and irritable because there is no travel.
  • Students are more cooperative because they are not missing so many other activities due to long commutes.
  • Parents do not have to sacrifice such large amounts of time out of their busy day to get their child help.
  • Brothers and sisters are not inconvenienced by being dragged along for training appointments.
  • Appointments fit more easily into established family routines because there is no travel time to work around.
  • Students who have switched to online training often do not want their sessions to end because they are enjoying it so much.
  • Parents love the savings in gasoline and wear and tear on their car when they don’t have to drive to training.

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